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Verti-Gro™ Vertical Hydroponic Systems

Modern Systems For Successful Urban Backyard Farming

Vertical hydroponic systems make limited space more productive
and conserve precious water.

For more than two years, we’ve been growing an amazing variety of vegetables with the Verti-Gro systems. There are other systems out there (and we’ve tested many of them) but Verti-Gro has been the best choice for the warm South Florida climate. It’s simple, light weight, insulated, and durable – all of which have proven very important to us and our customers.

Our Powerline Road farm used hundreds of vertical towers. For backyard and patio farmers, we offer two primary systems:

  • Single-tower recirculating VG-1 system (four pots – 16 plants)
  • Four-tower tank-fed VG 16 system (16 pots – 64 plants)

How Verti-Gro Vertical Hydroponics Works

Vertical hydroponics systems use gravity to flow nutrient water from the top to the bottom while exposing all the plants to full sunshine. Nutrients are delivered in solution with water and bathe the plant roots so there is no need for heavy soil. Plants are supported in a growing medium composed of inert Perlite and coconut fiber.

Hydroponics is an ancient and efficient method of providing plant nutrition. In the Verti-Gro systems, a pump and timer deliver nutrient water several times daily (depending upon season). It’s all automated, so there’s no chance of over- or under-watering your plants.

Because the systems are raised above the ground, some crop pests (especially four-legged types) find it hard to reach the harvest before you do. Weeding is also not usually an issue because weed seeds are not present in the growing medium.

Growing in soil in sustainable ways is certainly a technique we endorse. Much of our soil, however, is very depleted and contaminated. Growing hydroponically helps us control the nutrients and avoid harmful chemicals in the soil. Our nutient solution contains all the essential plant food and in the exact proportions needed by most plants. The tank and pump systems are simple and the lightweight insulated high-density Polystyrene pots are very easy to handle for organic growing.

Verti-Gro Vertical Hydroponic Drawing

In addition to systems, we also have a full selection of hydroponic gardening nutrients, Perlite, coco fiber, and many natural pesticides and fungicides. Stop in to learn what system is best for you.