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Growing Systems

The freshest food comes from our own yards and community gardens. The staff of The Urban Farmer is committed to helping the home farmer be successful by providing proven systems, safe supplies (nutritionals, soils, and pest controls), and technical growing knowledge.

Soil-based and Hydroponic Systems for the Home

Proven Systems Help All Farmers

Most urban home farmers have limited space, limited soil, and limited sunlight drenched area, not to mention limited time for watering and care. Systems like Earthbox®, Verti-Gro™, and Jack Pots utilize technology and great design to promote sustainability and growing success.

EarthBox® Self Watering Soil-Based Systems

Of all the soil-based systems we have tested, the popular Earthbox has been a proven winner to consistantly produce great vegetables and herbs. Simply follow the easy instructions, top the water off weekly, and enjoy the bounty. The terra cotta colored Earthbox looks like a simple soil container planter, but it contains a sophisticated capillary system that keeps your plants hydrated for days and the roots bathed in nutrients to maximize the growth and health of the plants. Learn more about Earthbox systems for your backyard or patio farm.

Verti-Gro Vertical Hydroponic Systems

Limited urban space can produce significant food when vertical hydroponics are employed and the Verti-Gro systems are by far the most effective for our unique South Florida climate. A single square yard of space can support up to 20 plants using the stacked pot systems and water-conserving hydroponics to keep the plants bathed in nutrient-rich water. The white styrene pots keep the roots insulated and cool. Our urban farms utilize hundreds of Verti-Gro towers but home systems are commonly configured with with one, two, four or more towers. Learn more about Verti-Gro vertical hydroponic systems available for your backyard or patio farm.