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Earthbox ® – Ultimate Gardening

Grow Successfully Every Time

Eartbox combines the best of container soil growing with hydroponic concepts to keep your plants perfectly hydrated and growing strong.

Growing your food crops in containers makes a lot of sense for urban farmers. Space and sunlight are often in short supply. Containers let you make the best use of space – you can locate them anywhere including patios and balconys, and you can move them to follow the sun. Containers also help you control soil conditions and discourage pests.

Earthbox is simply the best system available. Many of our customers come back to get additional Earthbox containers after they try their first one.

Earth Box Terracotta Kit

Earthbox works because of it’s ingenious design that uses gravity, a water reservoir, and capillary action to keep plant roots bathed in the vital nutrients they need without daily watering.

Water once each week instead of daily

Improper watering (too much or too little) is the most common cause of growing problems. With Earthbox, you only fill the resevouir once a week or so and the system delivers just the right amount of water to the roots. You simply can’t over-water the Earthbox.

Capillary action keeps the soil perfectly moist

The secret to the Earthbox is the unique aeration screen that separates the soil on top from the water reservoir below. The durable aeration screen combined with the slightly asymetrical design of the container moves the water from the reservoir into the root system with perfect consistency.

The Earthbox kit has everything you need except seeds

Each kit comes with top-quality soil, caster wheels to make it easy to move, three mulch covers, and fertilizer to last for months. For vine crops, you can add the trellis kit

Get a Free Earthbox set up class

When you purchase your Earthbox from The Urban Farmer, you get a free Earthbox set-up class. Earthbox is simple to set up, but our Earthbox introduction class (free with purchase) will prepare you with the best set-up tips to produce the most abundant urban crops.

Visit The Urban Farmer to get your Earthbox and Earthbox supplies today.